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Many people will purchase a bathroom in their life. The question is, do you want to be a part of how your bathroom looks? Many want to completely leave it to us, which we understand. However, for those with an interest in how their bathroom will turnout, we’ve compiled a quick list of things to think about…

Theme your bathroom

The first thing to think about is the theme of your bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to go particularly fancy; a plain white theme is perfectly acceptable. You could then add a coloured well, or something else to bring the walls to life. Our bathroom fitters in Beverely are constantly having to keep up to date with the latest trends and styles, so we understand the best design pieces to include. Also think about other elements in your bathroom, like towel holders, a bath if you have one - and so on.

When speaking over the phone or at a consultation, we will happily send you some colour and theme ideas to choose from. Or you can show us the kind of look and feel you were thinking of! 

Your shower

You will end up spending a good deal of time under that shower, so make it good! You can go for high pressure, multiple shower heads etc. 

Then you can choose to have sealing around your shower area, or leaving it open like a wet room. Again, this comes down to personal preference. Some like a curtain, some like a glass door and sealed shower experience. 

Considered a floating vanity?

A good way to make some extra space in a small bathroom is to go with a floating vanity. It will make space to store things, as well as look great. If you check our Instagram, you will see multiple types of cabinets that we have installed.

We were known as joiners before becoming high quality interior fitters. So there isn’t a lot in the way of cupboard type things that we can’t make. 


Everyone needs to check their appearance every now and then - even us tradesman! So picking a nice mirror is a good idea. A consideration people forget about is how you’re going to look back at yourself in that mirror each morning! Getting a tiny little mirror might be underwhelming.

Big mirrors are great. Small ones do the job too if you don’t have loads of room. A vanity compartment with an embedded sink and mirror above it is a great combination. You can even go for some quirky shapes to add some character to your bathroom, rather than the traditional circle or square. Again, we are happy to give our design input to any considerations.

Floor and the walls

Get creative with your floors and walls. Again, check out our Instagram for inspiration. Many go for a tidy laminate finish as it is easy to clean, doesn’t stain easily, but still looks great etc. 

You can then choose a pattern (like a wood finish), or go for a solid colour to match or contrast with your walls. 

Also consider extras like the bathroom mat to wipe your wet feet with. Spending a little extra on these features can make all the difference.

We’ve already touched on the walls slightly. But yes, go for colours that make you happy to be in your bathroom. The most common style we’ve seen lately is a nice grey and white. Lots of our clients go for that after seeing our previous work. These colours go with virtually everything and are hard to make clash or garish. You could add different tiles where your shower or bath is.


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