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Your Absolutely Essential Kitchen List

Have you ever tried updating your kitchen, it’s tools, the feel and so on - you know it can be tricky to find good solutions. We are more than qualified to give this advice due to the number of projects our kitchen fitters in Hull complete every year. In one of our recent articles, we touched on some ways you can cheaply upgrade your kitchen. The paint. The lights. The utensils. There are lots of ways. But finding really good products is difficult these days.


It’s no surprise though, is it? The internet, cooking shows and other advertisements are constantly hitting us with their products and how life changing it will be. Many don’t live up to expectations. Even the people we look up to most are telling us about products to get their affiliate commission without doing their due diligence on what they are promoting. 


With all this choice, all these adverts, all these options - it is incredibly difficult to discern the junk from the trumps to the junk. Your kitchen can be over cluttered with gadgets and gizmos that you really don’t need. Or you might be the opposite and stuck for ideas on what you actually need to put in your kitchen. 


Either way, here is a list of all the things you absolutely need in your kitchen on at least a semi regular basis. Let’s clear the junk! 



Prep work


Prep work is essential for cooking. Of course. Those vegetables won’t chop themselves! You are going to need: 


A chopping board. You need a surface to cut meat vegetables and anything else on. Any sort of chopping board will suffice. 


A chef’s knife. An essential. You use a knife almost every time you cook. Also get a bread knife. A knife sharpener will be useful too after a couple of months.


Can opener. Self explanatory. Hopefully it comes with a bottle opener. If not, get one!


Vegetable peeler. Save yourself time with a peeler. 


Potato masher. Same as above!


Whisk. You don’t want to use a large fork for whisking. Whisks are much more effective 


Colander. Proper drainage. 


A grater for your cheese, fruit, nuts etc. 





A stainless steel pan. You can fry, sear, sauté and everything else in a stainless steel skillet. You’ll be using this a lot. In the same category, you should get a cast iron pan. These are extremely durable, heavier and will last seemingly forever. While your stainless steal pan could be frying some eggs in the morning, the cast iron could be for a T-bone steak in the evening. 


A crockpot. These are great for slow cooking, large meals, soups and so on. When you need to pack a lot of food into one spot, you’re going to want a large pot to hand.


Oven trays. You’re likely going to use an oven so trays to put food on are essential. Get varied sizes. If you like to bake, you could pick out specific sizes that fit your recipes, like muffins or other specific shapes. A casserole dish is also extremely useful for larger meals like lasagnes, spaghetti etc. 



Tools and utensils 


Spatula. Great multi purpose tool for the kitchen. In the same light, a sturdy stirring spoon will definitely be needed. 


Tongs are a good idea. Easily move and pick up food. A ladle might also come in handy. You could get one with a hole at the bottom for doing poached eggs if you are likely to be cooking these. Some sort of serving metal spatula variation would also be useful. A good pair of scissors never goes a miss. Nice cutlery is never a bad thing. A bottle opener ii





A good blender never goes a miss. It’s an easy way to eat fruit and other healthy foods and drinks. A 4 piece of bread toaster is good for when the whole family want breakfast. A nice kettle that suits the theme of your room is obviously necessary for the nations tea and coffee addiction. A toasty maker can be handy. 



Other essentials 


Heavy sponges are useful. We also like the brushes you can buy to do any light cleaning. Aluminium foil is your friend for many reasons. It retains heat, it stops sticking, it can carry food and so on. 


Ice cube trays are great for multiple reasons. A plate rack is handy if you’re one to not like doing the drying up. It also helps to keep that area tidy when things are drying. 


A large bin is more useful than you could think. It’s a main with a small bin. You are taking out the rubbish every other day. Constantly breaking the pattern of what you were doing… Over to a task you shouldn’t have to do! You’ll obviously need bin bags to go with this. Fairy liquid is necessary if you don’t have a washing machine. You’re always thankful when you have kitchen roll in your time of need. Herbs and spices for your food. Food storage containers for left overs, packed lunches etc. 



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