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We’re bathroom designers. Hull is the place that we most frequent just due to the geographical nature of East Yorkshire and where things are based. The other majority of our time is spent in Beverley, obviously a large area in Hull with plenty of people living there needing a bathroom and or kitchen.

We like to give our clients freedom to design their bathroom. We can do so many things with a bathroom, it’s frightening. Although we do fit pre-designed fitted bathrooms, many clients want to add their own spin to their bathroom.

So many things can be adjusted about a bathroom. Let’s have a look at some of the key things you might want to design about your bathroom.

The shower. The shower is where most of us go at least once a day, so you want your shower acting as well as it can. This goes from the actual area that the shower is in (do you want an open shower or do you want to step into your shower?) all the way through to the shower head you have. Some people want a really large shower head, some like a nice and small simple shower head.

The bath. Much like the shower, you can get loads of different styles and designs of baths to choose from for your bathroom. Want a corner bath? Want a large bath? Want a bath that has jacuzzi jets too? There are loads of options

The tiles. How about your tiles? Which colour do you want? Large tiles or small tiles? These are all important considerations when making the bathroom of your choice.

It helps having our bathroom showroom where people can come and see what we have to offer. Not only can they see our bathroom supplies and materials, but they can speak to the team about what they need in their bathroom and what it should include.

Then when they’re in the showroom, we can also show potential customers images of bathrooms we’ve designed and installed ourselves, probably in a place like Beverley near them. Our company’s speciality is bathroom design and installation in Hull.

It’s our job to guide our clients through the design stage as we will be the fitters carrying out their installation in their home. We also help our client with the price of what they’re designing and making sure they stay well within budget.