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When hiring a bathroom fitter, you need them to be multi-skilled in several disciplines if they’re to do a good job sorting out your bathroom.

Some of these might include being bathroom designers, be able to design and carry through with the installation.

What you really need your fitters to know is the correct plumbing for your bathroom. It’s no good having a bathroom designed by someone that can’t correctly carry out your plumbing, too. Sure, we all want an amazing bathroom - but it needs to be functional, this is a prerequisite of a bathroom.

So if you’re looking for:

Suitable bathrooms, kitchens or plumbers, come to a company like Galaxy Interiors that can take care of the whole process from start to finish. We can do everything you would need for your bathroom.

Our bathroom showrooms are in Hull and you can have a look at some parts and pieces of bathrooms that you might want to use.

It would also help if you could get fitters that can fit showers and electric showers. It’s also going to be no good having a bathroom without a suitable shower. You need that lovely hot water for when the winter comes round!

Other bathroom companies that have a good reputation in hull are listed below. We would prefer that everyone that needs a or kitchen in would come to us, but we also understand that our approach might not be right for everyone. As a result, here are some reputable bathroom fitters throughout the area that will save you from hiring a cowboy fitter.

  • - Brookes Bathrooms. Well known in the area.
  • - Hedon Kitchens have a good reputation.
  • - C&K Tilers Hull are useful for any tiling or tilers you need.
  • - GB Ceramic Tilers Hull. The same goes for GB Ceramic Tilers Hull, although they are more of a national company than C&K Tilers Hull.
  • - Dreamer Bathrooms Beverley offer a good service from what we have heard.