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We've had a showroom in Hull for ages now. It's actually under the name of 'Guildford Joinery' - you might have seen it. It's really beneficial to have because some people want to see bathroom materials in person. They want to see what you have in the flesh and touch it etc. When speaking with your bathroom fitters in Hull, ask about the showroom and what you can gain from visiting and seeing fuly fledged designs in front of you. Showrooms make for a great tool for guys like us and we'll go through 5 main reasons in this article.

Of course, a website is always a great option if you can get some good pictures on it of your work, but a showroom is just that step further and people still want to go and shop around for their bathroom. Your website is kind of like your bathroom showroom online, but nothing beats an in person experience.

Our bathroom showroom is only small, but small bathroom showrooms still give you a great idea of what you have in, what you work with and that you really care about your trade. It’s a great way of getting bathroom design ideas over to your customers and potential customers.

People ask a lot “where are bathroom showrooms near me”… We’re right here in Hull! Come and find out showroom at 65 New Cleveland St, Hull, HU8 7EX.

Without further ado, here’s 5 quick reasons you should get your own bathroom showroom if you’re based in Hull or any other city in England for that matter.

1. You Get a Business Location

A business locations gives you a great base that is not your home. This means you can meet professional relationships at your showroom, again, rather than having them in your kitchen at home or something like that. You can also use the address to get mail to.

You might be able to right off some of the expenses as tax deductible, meaning that the showroom doesn’t cost you much anyway. An element of professionalism gets added to your brand also as people relate something like a showroom with success and that you’re doing well.

You have to be professional to be doing well so it does well to support the venture you’re currently on. Another benefit is that you can use any excess space to store stock. It might be that a customer wanted a type of material that you ordered then they changed their mind, so you have lots of spare materials and tools that you now have extra space to store with.

2. It Can Be Like An Office

Expanding from point 1, your showroom can be a place that you work from as well as meet clients at. So as well as stooge, you could have a desk with a couple of chairs for when you need meetings with people.

This helps if you have invoices and paperwork to do because you now have an office that you can use to separate work from leisure and home time. For us, we find that working out of the house makes us more productive as well because there are less distractions like family and general home life things like chores, TV and family.

It’s also a chance to make a spare room not just an office, but ‘your’ office. This means you have a room that you can call yours, mostly you will use it and it will be out of the way of your family and rest of your team. Ideal!

3. Offer More Value To Customers

People do just want to see things occasionally so you should try and appease your customers as much as possible. It gives them a chance to see and touch multiple styles and materials at one time instead of you pulling things from out of a van. The showroom will have baths, showers, tiles, lights etc. installed as if they were in a bathroom and make it easier to understand what it is you’re actually selling.

It also means that if there are materials that are particularly ‘in’ at any time, you can get them in at your showroom so people can see what the fuss is all about.

4. You Might Get More Business Through A Showroom

Expanding on point 3, certain customers might not be too sold on getting a bathroom but when they can suddenly be in a shop and see and feel everything in front of them and really picture how it would transform their homes, they can see new a bathroom and materials etc. would be a good purchase for them and their property. You can also offer loads of smaller ticket items at a showroom that cost sub £100 that people need associated to a bathroom. This will bring in more revenue, help people and add extra flows so you aren’t only relying on the money you earn from fitting.

We know people that sell whole product lines, like tiles or specialist bathroom mirrors or lighting. It means that if someone is looking for tiles and they’re in the area, there’s a good chance they’re going to go to you if you’re known as the local tile supplier. Then, at the same time, they’ll probably end up using or recommending you for a bathroom job as they know and like you, so the benefits compound on themselves.

5. Get More Eyes Through A Bathroom Showroom

Naturally, people are going to walk past a showroom, especially if the room is in a place like Hull that’s brimming with people. You might get people to go in if they aren’t even thinking about getting a new bathroom and there’s a good chance that any family already talking about it will wonder in if they see your shop. Or they may have even read a kitchen and bathroom blog like ours. You could well be in their mind the next time they're thinking of buying a bathroom - especially if your showroom is clean, tidy and well presented.

That’s it for now.

We think these benefits are reason enough to get a showroom and display what you’re working with and what you can do for people’s homes.

Visit our bathroom showroom in Hull today if you want to see what you might get in your new bathroom. We also have kitchen parts incase you need your kitchen updating, too.

The showrooms really helps to get a feel for what you’re thinking of. It puts everything into perspective, literally, as you can come in to touch and feel things rather than see them online.

Also, when at the showroom, you can speak to Richard or one of the other team about any questions you might have about a bathroom. Another reason the showroom is handy is if you just need to pick up a couple of things, like some supplies, we have loads of stock that you might need at the showroom.

So just nip in if you want to have a look at some physical bathroom and kitchen parts. The showroom is open 5 days a week. Or you can call us to arrange a time to meet with one of our fitters to go over anything you might want to discuss.

Other companies that have a bathroom showroom in the Hull area include:

If you want to see more physical bathrooms and kitchen parts, check out these other companies that have showrooms in and around the area.

Galaxy would put themselves forward as the first you check out, it’s actually called Guildford Joinery, but these are also worth looking at to simply see more bathroom materials and supplies right in front of yourself.

Although there aren’t loads of bathroom showrooms in East Yorkshire, these guys are who we would put forward. The first is Cleveland Kitchens & Bathrooms Hull Hull.

They have a good showroom that will help you get a feel for what you might need. Helmshaws Bathrooms Hull are another example where you could check out various baths, showers and materials. Lastly, it might be worth looking for Dreamer Bathrooms Beverley as they always have a good selection.

For bathroom tiles, check out C&K Tilers.

Please remember, if you need either a kitchen fitter or a bathroom fitter, we here at Galaxy Interiors have decades of experience fitting both of these in Hull. We were born and bred here so we know Hull and the people like the backs of our hand.

You can find us on Yell through this link amongst the other bathroom showrooms Hull.

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