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Choosing the Perfect Family Bathroom

Your old family bathroom is worn out and starting to fall apart. The seals are damaged, the shower door is falling off, and the taps are getting loose. It’s getting to the stage where you wonder whether bathroom repairs are even worth it. You conclude that it’s time for a total renovation – this is a chance for a complete overhaul – to get a beautiful, functional and safe bathroom that accommodates the whole family perfectly. However, for a busy family bathroom, it isn’t always so simple to compromise on design, when different people want and need different things! Because we've been bathroom fitters in Hull for so long, we know this process can be tricky but there’s no need to take an excessive amount of time. Here we’ve written a short article with a few things to think about when choosing a family bathroom. Better yet, talk to us in person and ask us about our showroom! Who hasn’t had a debate in their life over whether the toilet seat should be left up or down? Don’t worry, modern bathroom technology makes these issues far less of a problem than they used to be.

Utilising space
In general, most bathrooms aren’t big enough to separate the bath from the shower, so it’s best to go for the shower-bath all in one. While many love a standalone shower, it takes a big chunk of space in the room. If the space is there for both, go for it, but in the interest of using space wisely for a big family, you’ll usually have to go without.
Choose a large, heated towel rail that can accommodate the right number of towels for your family. That way everyone can have their designated space. Make sure your plumber or fitter installs the towel rail on its own circuit, this way you can heat up everyone’s towel specifically for your bath times.
One excellent way to utilise space is to choose a bathroom sink cabinet. The sink basin sits at the top of the cabinet, similar to typical kitchen sinks. Alternatively, you can have the sink mounted above bespoke shelving, but this is personal taste.
Shelving can either be standalone, or wall mounted, but either way, think carefully about how you want it to fit into the room. Have you considered corner shelving, for example? This can be a great option for one corner of your bathroom, depending on the layout. Check out some styles online – either you can go bigger and have a proper unit for towels etc, or small stainless-steel shelving for your shower gels, aftershave or even bath toys.

Make sure your bathroom complies with the latest safety standards. One of the most revolutionary modern inventions is the soft close toilet seat! No longer does anyone have to worry about trapping their fingers, and this makes even the most reluctant-to-put-the-toilet-seat-down person more likely to do so, as it just takes a nudge and there’s no danger of doing any damage.
If you have a very young family, make sure all the shower gels and liquids are kept well out of arms reach. You can factor this in when choosing things like corner shelving that we discussed before, so you can easily grab what you want without the danger of your children getting their hands on them.
Choose non-slip tiles that retain a good element of grip even when wet from condensation or spilled water. Injuries on hard tiles can be especially painful, so this is certainly important with young children. Alternatively, or in addition to non-slip tiles, you can buy non-slip mats that won’t slide underfoot when you move around.
If you’re concerned about water temperatures, go for thermostatic taps where the temperature is easily set and won’t fluctuate. There is nothing worse than being in the shower, having someone turn on a cold tap elsewhere in the house and getting a sudden blast of scalding water.
Our bathroom suppliers provide all the latest and safest products, so you can be sure you can choose the safe option for your bathroom in Hull.

Consider twin basins
If you have a large family, you may need to consider twin basins next to each other. That way when there is a rush for everyone to get ready for school in the morning, you have more space for everyone to brush their teeth and wash their face and so on. You can maintain an aesthetic look with dual bathroom sink cabinets, and if well designed you’ll also have more under-sink cabinet space.

We hope this short article gives you a better idea of the things to think about for your new family bathroom. The options are almost limitless, but you have to be particularly careful about your decisions, especially when it comes to safety with a young family. We’ll help you come up with a perfect design and solution so that everyone is happy! If you’d like to see more, check us out on mylocaltoolbox and at the social media links below.

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